The weather is great

I’ve been visiting some family lately and have been having a good time with them all. But, what I have especially enjoyed is the amount of great weather and sunshine we have been having recently.
There have a been an awful lot of nights where I have been kept awake by the heat outside and have needed to open a window or two, and sometimes this has been ruined by a number of people who have been drinking and shouting into the early hours – but this is what it takes to have the element of seeing people you care about.
Going forward to the summer will be great, as there will be many different brabeques people will be enticing me to, not doubt.

So, I wish the world a great time basking in this summer sunshine and believe I must get back to laying in the glorious weather and enjoying time with family and friends.

Reading everyday

Well, I decided one day last week that I would continue to learn something new every day no matter what I was doing, as I would be able to read an hour or so every night before I went to bed.  Not that it was necessary to actually learn something each and everyday, but that I would be able to read every day and keep my mind active.

I have read a couple of books over the past few days, I’m a quick reader, but I thought that I would take something that was a little more intriguing than a simple introductory book on something I hadn’t learned about.  I am passionate about novels and love to read them, but prefer ones that have at least an element of true ion them.

The other day I came across Tom Clancy’s netforce which intrigued me because it centers around the Internet and about a man taking over the whole of the Internet for his own.  It’s an interesting book and has actually enlightened me about the Internet, and whilst I know it’s not a non-fiction book, I do realize that some of the things that are discussed could happen.

I have learnt a lot from books in the earlier years of my life and have found that there is much information that anyone can learn on a whole range of different subjects.  There isn’t any restrictions on what I can learn in the future and I have been introduced to some new books called ebooks – guess this is something that I really need to get interested in and knowledgable about.

What a Week!

This week has been totally shocking and at the same time enjoyable.  In the family there have been two people have new children, one girl and one boy, and another has been diagnosed with cancer.  Although the latter is sad news and all of us in the family and extended family will support Steve, the two new babies are really positive in a week that has been really busy for me.

There was also an interesting story in the local paper that seemed to get my attention.  It was about a local volunteer group who help the sick and elderly who want volunteers to help fund raising and so I think I will be applying to join them over the next week.

We also had an accident in the car, so I had to go to hospital with a slight cut to the head, nothing major at all, but you just never know.  I was driving and skidded a little on some wet leaves, they were scattered all over the road and were soaked in water, we eventually ended up banging into a fence, which wasn’t exactly great; and the cut on the head meant my head was hurting for days.

All in all, some good news and some very bad news, just have to wait for the coming of the end of 2008 to see what is around the corner for next year.  Hopefully it will be a much better year than it has been for 2008.

The Internet Is Just Amazing

I am fairly new to this blogging thing and the Internet as a whole.  I believed, like many, that it would fizzle out and be something that not many would be associated with and use.  How wrong I was!

I’ve been writing on this blog for a few weeks now and I am completely amazed the people who read it.  I was talking to a few friends of the family after they had received an email from me and they took a trip over to this blogpage.  They were very impressed and so was I for their kind words, so that you if you did email me and speak to me about this website, it keeps me visiting it every so often to update you of what is happening and my views.

I love googleing things on the internet too (think that’s right), apparently little Marty says its searching for things on google and you get relevant pages popping up, to be honest I have learned a lot since he told me this and have been using this search page for lots of things.

I’ve been able to do some research on my family history too, which is good as I was struggling to find some answers to a couple of questions, but people are friendly to you and I can’t thank them enough.  I have also been able to start checking my money online and looking at the financial analyzes of things; although I’m far from an expert I did dabble a few years ago in the market, so I may just want to invest some more money in the future.

The main thing I like about the Internet is that it seems as though information is loaded up very quickly and will be viewable by many in an instant.

Old Habits Die Hard

I was talking yesterday with Bob at the local grocers how many older people come into his shop and buy the same things each week and don’t like to vary it much.  Needless to say that the number of people that are coming into his shop are indeed a lot older than me, but it does make you wonder.

Having a coffee and a short chat with him, Bob was talking to me about Mary who comes into the shop every Friday because it’s the day she has gone shopping since she has been a small girl, she’s 82 by the way.  I know, a little older (or lot) than  the most of us, but a dear sweet old lady who still likes to keep her independence and walk to the shop with her bags and trolley.

She comes into the shop and likes to use the older systems of weight and calculation, and Bob’s shop is a little traditional over many of the other larger ones, so I guess this is why older people enjoy buying from him and talking through things with him.  Bob has time for anyone and he always remembers your name and what you bought last time, he has a really great memory.

Anyway, Mary always calculates things in lbs and ounces instead of kgs and was talking with Bob about the different things that have changed and why companies have chnaged so many different things.  She also wasn’t too happy when Bob bought in some package vegetables for some of the other loclas who asked him for it, she believed everything should be loose and measured, so you were assured of getting exactly what you have asked for.  Guess old habits die hard.

My Fear of Spiders

The other day I actually realized how frightened of spiders I actually am.  I was in the shower and it seems, looking back on it, that it was a scene from a scary movie or something.  I was standing in the shower – very usual for me in the morning.

I was, as normal, having a daily wash when a spider crawled along the edge of the bath and started to head for me.  I wondered what was going on and I always thought spiders didn’t like water and a wet atmosphere, so I thought nothing of it but was still frozen there sold.

It kept crawling towards me, fast dash, stop, then creep forward and so on until it got just a few centimeters from me on the side of the bath.  Needless to say at this point I was considering squishing it, but it was the largest one I have ever seen in my life and as big as my hand – scary indeed.

Then it just sat there for what seemed like ages, so I developed a plan.  I would get the shower head and wash it down the plughole, obviously being careful to get out of the path of it so it didn’t try to bit me or anything – I’ve seen that scary spider film you know.

Well, it worked, I wash the spider down the plughole, but to be certain I turned on both taps too, just to make sure that it was a gonner and wouldn’t be bothering me again.  Don’t know whether I will get over my fear of spiders, but won’t let one get near to me in the future either.

The weekend at the show

We went last week to the yearly Callen horse show and I have to say it was great, but the weather was very bad.  It rained throughout the whole weekend on and off and at one point I did think that they would call it off when we were making our way there.

Now I’m not your biggest horse fan, but seen as Julia was riding in one of the competitions I felt that we should go – well, if we hadn’t have gone I wouldn’t have heard the last of it from everyone, plus I do think that family is good to be around and we should support them in all that they do.

Other than the bad weather we had a good time and met lots of interesting people there.  We stayed at a lovely small guest house that was cosey and homely and it felt as though you were staying with friends and not really paying for accommodation – strange but so very true.

The three days that we were there it rained, so we were unable to do any walking or riding in the countryside around, but we did manage to get some shopping in which was nice, managed to buy a few presents and sort things out for later on in the year – sometimes when you see a bargain you just have to go for it.

The trip home was ok, but with all the driving I was tired and ready to get back to a nice warm and dry house and a comfy bed that I could sleep in.  Not sure what it is but it’s always great to sleep in my own bed, must be strange or the familiarity or something of it.

Even though the weather was bad there was more good things that going shopping and picking up some real bargains, Julia won second prize in one of her competitions, so it was worth going and although I was shattered for a few days it was well worth it.

It was so embarrassing

I find it so embarrassing when you meet someone and don’t know their name.  Not that I have to actually use it, but isn’t it frustrating when you can’t remember the person’s name.  I was in town the other day and I saw someone out of the corner of my eye who I knew from college.  I didn’t get their attention because I forgot his name.

Then, the worst thing happened, he started to come over to me and started speaking to me.  We spoke about the good times that happened during college and what were the little things that we got up to which were fun as well as naughty.  Plus we even talked about how we didn’t think about a few things that we did but just went ahead and did  it without the consequences to others – just barmy when I look back on it.

I courtesy asked how he was, his family etc and he asked about mine, so I talked to him about Julia and the rest of the family.  The big thing from it though is that I still can’t remember his name, just gone and for the life of me I really can’t think of what he was called.  So strange but very very true.

No doubt it will come to me in a month or so when I’m not doing anything remotely related.

We got new kittens today

Well, after a few months, well maybe a few years, we decided the other week to get a cat – well, Sue did anyway.

We decided that getting a cat would be a good way to have a new friend around for Sue when I was away and it is always good to have a companion around.

It’s not that I don’t like cats, but it’s just the case that I think people shouldn’t have them when they have small children around and that they can sometimes be a nusance.  So, I am all for a cat, just now is a better time to get one than when the kids were only small.

So, this caused us to look for a cat in the local area.  The beedie eyed Julia obviously spotted that there were kittens for sale closeby and that they said they were going for a ‘reasonable rate’ – what I thought was another words for ‘very expensive’.  But, Julia convinced Sue that we should go see them and even if it was only to ‘have a look’ and not buy them.  This, I knew would cost me dearly and we would be walking out of the farm with some kittens in tow.

Well, I really wasn’t wrong, about the kittens in tow that was.  They weren’t as expensive as I had thought and I was thinking that they were actaully a really good price for them.  I’m not going to tell you how much they were, but I will tell you that if you want an adorable kitten then give me a ring and I will put you in contact with the people we bought ours from – veru cute.

I have taken a few different photos of them too, but I’m currently unsure of how to put them onto this blogpage as I’m not the most technical person when it comes to computers and all.  But that won’t stop me sending them to you if you want to have a look at them – send me an email and I will forward the photos.

Oh, I nearly forgot, we got two kittens – they’re both a greyish colour and we called them bob and stevie, really couldn’t come up with some imaginative names and these seemed like commical names for kittens – you know ho I’m talking about when I mention those names to you.

That’s all for now.

The road system in town is bad

Well, I was out and about today in town.  I thought that I would go to the shops and buy a few things for the small gathering we are having at the weekend.

I drove down canal street near morrisons and saw that they were digging up the road; not that bad, I thought to myself, but when I got around the corner it seemed like there was roadworks everywhere.  Some were the waterboard digging up to lay new pipes, others were BT workmen fixing some new cables (I think) to the telephone poles and some others were the council relaying some of the flags outside booths.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we need improvements in the small town of ours, but should we really allow al of these workers to dig up the pavement and road on the same day – they have vans that block the road, which generally are one person workman, and they aren’t really concerned for pedestrians either.

This type of nonsense just gets me upset and annoyed at why companies don’t talk to people.  It may have been a weekday and was early in the morning, but that shouldn’t mean that you have so many workmen on one piece of road making a rakcet and a mess of things. I know that they have a job to do and am not saying that they should be prevented from doing this, but should they be really looking at it in this way.

Like young kids today I blame their parents, whilst these workers I blame their bosses.  People who stay in their offices all day and don’t bother to get off their backsides and take alook at what is really happening – but things are changing for the better apparently.